Chemical For Construction

WATER PROOF AND BINDER We are one of the leading manufacturers of concrete lubricant in India. Our range of products are the absolute solution provider to Basement, kitchen, toilet, terrace garden and roof treatment/ waterproofing, special repair to buildings including trouble-free solution to crack filling, grouts, efficient and economical PU foam based AAC block jointing adhesive, Door Window and other frame installation fixing in masonry structure with efficient PU foam technology, concrete admixture of a wide variety.

PRE-COAT BINDER Our pre-coat binder provides the finest performance with all aggregates by varying the blend of surface active agents used to meet the particular requirements of a particular aggregate. Our pre-coat binder product is widely used in road construction, surface sealing, whether igneous or sedimentary, contain some silica. The pre-coat binder provides a surface layer on the aggregate, protecting the adhering bitumen from attack by water.

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