PVC To MDF Adhesive

MDF stands for fiberboard of medium density, a wood composite made of wood fibres. The production of MDF is based on both softwood and hardwood. This composition, generally denser than plated wood, produces a stronger building material. Polyvinyl (PVC) is, following polyethylene and polypropylene, the world's largest synthetic polymer in production. There are 2 basic forms of PVC: rigid and flexible. In tube construction and profile applications like doors and windows, the rigid PVC shape is used.

Features of our best in class PVC to MDF glue are given below:
 Long-Lasting Bond
 Superb Bonding Strength
 Dry Quickly
 Easy to Apply
 Non-Flammable
 Apply Easily

Our company manufactures and supplies PVC to MDF Adhesive. We are a leading company and ensure that our product range meets the national quality requirements. We have a separate quality testing department which helps us to guarantee that the products are perfect and superior.

Uses of PVC to MDF Adhesive: This glue is popularly being used in making of:  Almirah,  Desk,  Chair,  Bed,  Table ,  Furniture.

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